Since the beginning of 2014, over 350 different projects have been completed. Total attracted external financing made nearly 50 million euros. The 5 most significant projects (with the proportion of funding in parentheses) are:

  1. TEN-T transit road reconstruction in Narva – 15,592,178.82 euros (58% external financing).
  2. Construction of pedestrian and bicycle networks in the urban area of Narva – 7,469,474.67 euros (85% external financing). For planning bicycle route please go to bicycle roads map.
  3. Development of the unique Narva-Ivangorod trans- border fortresses ensemble as a single cultural and tourist object – 6,871,460.22 euros (95% external financing)
  4. Development of historical riverside protection area – 5,022,649.97 euros (82% external financing)
  5. Opening of the Border Castle Discovery Centre – 4,999,999.56 euros (100% external financing)

External funding has been primarily secured through European Union and Estonian national funds, significantly supporting the development of infrastructure in Narva and the entire Ida-Viru County, improving residents’ quality of life, and promoting regional economic growth.

Each funded project has brought noticeable benefits to the city of Narva – from the renovation of streets and promenade to the development of cultural and tourism attractions, thereby enhancing the quality of life for residents and advancing tourism opportunities in the region.

The city continues its active participation in the planning and implementation of new projects, currently working on 14 projects focused on social, economic, and ecological innovation, for which funding is intended to be obtained from European and national funds.

For more detailed information on both ongoing and completed projects, please visit the website.

Narva – your investment in perspectives!

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